First steps

Take the first step towards understanding the emotional distress that is affecting your life and find ways to cope with that struggle


I offer a safe space where you can truly be yourself and explore any fears, anxieties or false beliefs that may be stopping you from enjoying life. Also help you to find out what excites you or motivates you.

I am not here to judge you or the life you have, but to listen and to understand what is important to you and what your difficulties are.


You are unique and so are your life experiences. Because of that I come to our sessions without an agenda. For me it is very important to listen to what you have to say and to those experiences.

Sometimes you may be confused or find it difficult to express what is happening to you or the way that you are feeling, and it is my role to help you make sense of those feelings or the way that you are acting.

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Francisco Santos
075 79 76 00 28

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I see clients in Central London, close to Oxford Street:
The Duke Street Practice
3–5 Duke Street
London W1U 3ED