Francisco Santos


I firmly believe in personal development and I see life as a non-stop journey of learning about ourselves for the duration. It is a journey that can be very exciting when all is going well but that can also become really hard when we find ourselves caught up in a routine or a situation that we didn’t expect, for whatever reason.

I have a background in Finance and have experience working in a corporate environment for many years.

I trained at the Gestalt Centre in London and am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Since 2015 I have worked with young adults (18 to 25 y.o) at Step Forward, East London charity that supports local young people who are facing disadvantage and enables them to thrive, develop, grow and reach their full potential in life.

I have lived in London for 20 years and am bilingual, working with clients in private practice in English and Spanish. Since I arrived what I love most about London is the sheer amount of people with different cultures, backgrounds and heritage that I meet.